Raised On Tradition, Built on Quality

The Native American Beef brand is proud to partner with Native American communities who maintain traditional ranching practices and uphold the highest standards to bring you great-tasting, high quality beef.

The beef is raised on Native American land and contributes to the local economy. To ensure accountability, traceability, and sustainability our beef is source verified through Where Food Comes From. Our beef is the of the utmost quality, grass-fed/grain-finished all vegetarian diet without any added growth hormones 

NAB is a premium Choice grade quality beef program 

Hormone & implant free beef with Angus dominant genetics 

Grass-fed, grain-finished beef

Traditional Native American ranching practices, generations of utmost humane handling and animal care

Extended 28 day aging process for superior Choice grade quality beef

Hand-cut to perfection

NAB Products

Top Sirloin Steaks
Top Sirloin Steaks
Top Sirloin Steaks

Top Sirloin Steaks

Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon


Locally Sourced, IMI Verified Beef

Native American Ranchers in AZ & NM

Traditional Native American ranching practices, generations of upmost humane handling and animal care

Tracks source of beef back to individual ranches 

Verifies procedures at ranch, feed lot and processing facility 

USDA approved and verified 

Meet the Ranchers

The NAB program partners with Native American ranchers from Arizona and New Mexico who maintain traditional ranching practices. Below are some of the ranchers in the program.

14R - Corporation

"Ranching has been part of our life as Navajo Diné. Coming from our history and ancestry as livestock producers we work together."

Paul Madson
Madson Ranch

"At one time I was an individual rancher. Right now, with Native American Beef, we are a team working under one brand. Together we have improved cattle genetics and raise quality beef."

Harry Nutumya
Hopi Livestock Association

"Ranching and farming is in our blood. Even though we may be faced with challenges, you never give up. You have pride of ownership. I'm grateful to be here."

Anthony Howard
HK Cattle Ranch

"What's unique about Navajo beef is there's a variety of plant species out on the ranch. It stays with the cattle until harvest time and creates a unique taste."

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Alan Austin
RMU 814 Ranch

"It's a great feeling of pride for years of hard work to establish a profitable ranch and see NAB product in restaurants and markets"

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Ludlam Family
Todacheenie Ranch

"We have the same special ingredients that grandma used, which is love, and we sure hope you can enjoy some of that ingredient when you taste our product."

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Romero Family
Bar R - San Luis Ranch

"I put a lot of time and resources into my cattle. I have cared for the heard the best way I can provide. When they make the program and I receive top dollar for them, I know I'm doing something right."

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Paisano Family
JW Ranch

"Finally we have some young people who want to turn Native agriculture around. The NAB model was very interesting and made sense for us to join."